started as a leadlighter

As a single mother l had my studio’s at home which allowed my to be a mother as well as a business owner.

Marguerite’s Creative Glass

Cairns, Queensland


Saint Francis Xavier Primary School

Front entrance

You can also see my work at the Cairns Library which once was the Cairns Regional Council Chambers.


Marguerite Dore



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Private home in Camberwell, Melbourne



Front door – private home in Surrey Hills, Melbourne



Private home in Surrey Hills, Melbourne under renovations.

Matching the one original panel (bottom side panel) for their front entrance.

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Builders own home renovated with new leadlight panels in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

The clear glass used was the old drawn glass that gives a distorted view not like the float glass that is used today.

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Some of these panels have been restored where the others have been made to match the original panels. 


Sandblasted to create this flower in the blue glass for a front side door panels.


Designed by an architect who admired the creative talents of Frank Lloyd Wright for his office and made by Marguerite Dore.

I also admire Frank Lloyd Wright who used Leadlights within his buildings he designed.

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